Thursday, June 11, 2009

three is our magic number

I don't post much about my non-sewing life on here, but yesterday was my third anniversary.  My husband and I are silly and love to do the traditional gifts, and the third year is a funny one: leather.  I got him a new belt and wallet, both things he wanted/needed.  He thought about getting a big leather purse for me, but-- and this is where crafting comes in to play-- knows that I like to carry bags I make myself.  That, and everything that he liked was crazy expensive.
(Mine's the second one from the right)  
Now, I know that a sterling silver key necklace might not look like it followed the traditional bent, but it does: Tiffany's wraps all of their baubles in a little suede pocket.  Two of the many reasons why I love my husband: he's incredibly clever and has gorgeous taste.  And a reason I love my anniversary, aside from the fact that it celebrates my marriage, is that it's six months away from my birthday (which is always lumped with Chanukkah/Xmas/New Years celebrations).  Celebrating and gift giving in June is really refreshing.
Fourth anniversary is traditionally fruit or flowers.  See more traditional and modern anniversary gifts by the year here.  


  1. the gold ring I want for my anniversary this year isn't exactly the same as the wood I'm supposed to be receiving... don't tell my husband!!

    Did you see this?
    I thought you would like the backing... :)

  2. What a great gift! Enjoy your anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love your gift. That husband of yours, I think he's a keeper!