Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June blocks

For Shorty's block, she gave me everything pre-cut with a very simple diagram to follow: a nine-patch with two borders. How did I manage to do this? Hmmm. I'm hoping she sends more fabric, I'd be embarrassed to send it back missing a side. And here I was, thinking this was going to be the simplest of all quilting bee blocks to make. Silly me.

Then, I made a spiderweb block for Stephanie:(Apologies for the bright pictures. It's been raining, and the flash needed to be on)
The gingham is so cute. She sent a lot of different fabric choices, and I feel like I met a stash twin-- we have a lot of the same stuff. I'm also really curious what fabric she chose for the kites because it was wonderfully heavy, but looked like a linen. Love.

And, if those weren't enough, I got Kat's blocks in the mail the other day. They're even more gorgeous than the pictures!

One quick request: if any of you are in southern California, or are familiar enough with it, can anyone recommend a good quilt shop? I'll be in and around Huntington Beach.


  1. holy crap! you're gonna be just a ways down the road - my good friends live in HB, I get down there prolly 2x/month... but about quilt shops, I dunno... there is the discounted awesomeness in Anaheim @ M&L fabrics

    here is a map of the SoCal quilters run shops - http://www.quiltersrun.com/qr//map.html - you would want to stick with the yellow zone, closer to the ocean

  2. I love that spider web block. I bet a whole quilt of them would be show stopping, especially if made from these fabrics you chose! gorgeous!

  3. You're so funny Rachael! Loving your blocks:)