Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby M

I definitely took my time starting and stopping with this one, but here it is:
I've sewn the binding on one side already. I also decided to try a new-to-me technique for the binding. Typically, I do the French-fold binding, but decided to shake things up and try flat binding. I think I like the flat binding better, because I usually get annoyed at my iron when I try to get each side to line up with the center fold. I'll see how it looks after I wash it, but so far so good. This is the easiest explanation I've found regarding French vs. flat binding. Thoughts?

Anyway, this is inspired by Fanciful Flowers in Material Obsession. I made it smaller, and since I ran out of the brown fabric for the corner pieces (click to enlarge), I didn't continue those little squares into the border. This was my first time with raw-edge applique, and there are some missteps, but I'm overall pretty happy with this. I stippled it. I feel like I never get to play with pink, so this was fun. All of the fabric came from my stash, too. The center of each non-applique block is from Farmer's Market, and there's a little bit of everything in there. I'd like to maybe make a quilt entirely out of the pieced blocks. The blocks are huge (about 18" square).

Here's the back:The pale pink has a white polka dot, and the fun flowered fabric was a Hobby Lobby bargain.

Baby M hasn't yet been born, so I'm going to hold onto it until she is (to confirm it's really a girl). Baby M is the second child of a good college friend of mine, who I don't get to see very often. I wasn't quilting when her oldest was born, so I think I might have to make one for her, too.
Someday, when I have babies, I hope to have a daughter if for no other reason than to sew for her. I don't know many crafters who prefer to sew for boys.


  1. I think it is just beautiful. It is hard to sew for boys as in all the pretty fabric is just too girly. lol

  2. Love the Baby M quilt, it is so soft looking. I never would have guessed you used raw edge applique in this by the picture.
    I have done the French fold binding method, as well as a bunch of others, but hadn't heard of this one before. thanks for the link.
    I used to love making my son shorts with dinosaurs on them, t-shirts with applique, Halloween items and all kinds of pillows, and themed blankets. I had all but forgotten the Dragon Ball Z quilt I made for him until commenting here (laughing). Now that he's older, I still dream of making him a really sophisticated quilt from deep sea colored batiks, with extreme that he won't grow out of!