Sunday, August 2, 2009


I give just about all of my quilts away, and looking back at the 2009 list of recipients so far, I see a number of happy occasions: new babies, weddings, birthdays, just because, housewarming. Then, there are those that I make and give to hopefully comfort and help heal. I both love and hate making the second kind. I feel like those quilts could become a little more special to the person it's going to, but I hate making them because I know those people are in pain, and making them a quilt is about all I can do.

This little quilt is for a two-year-old named Aden. He was in a horrible car accident last week, and managed to break a leg and his skull (among other injuries). His aunt works with my husband, and as soon as I heard about the accident and his long hospital stay, I knew I wanted to make him a quilt. Here it is:And here's the back:I don't know why, but Swiss dot never photographs well.
This is the smallest quilt I've made this year, which I felt was important since it'll be in the hospital with the little boy. I quilted it in straight lines with my favorite yellow thread. This was put together very quickly from my stash-- there are fabrics from a lot of the quilts I've made this year, with the addition of some very cute cowboy fabric that I've held on to forever. I'm going to handstitch the binding tonight and wash it. Hopefully Aden will get it tomorrow.


  1. Prayers going out for Aden hope he has a speedy recovery...bless you for your thoughtfulness. I'm sure the little quilt will give Aden some much needed comfort.

  2. How very kind and thoughtful of you.

  3. You are so kind. What a beautiful quilt! Hopefully it will help him recover more quickly.

  4. What a nice thing to do for Aden, Rachaele.. I am sure he will love it and his family will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
    Don't you love coin quilts- they make such nice quilts.
    Warmest regards,

  5. This was a really thoughtful thing you've done. I hope he loves it, and is feeling better in no time.