Friday, April 24, 2009


Here it is, nearly finished. The Stephen:I couldn't resist taking pictures today, as it's finally sunny and I'm home at a decent hour. All that needs to be finished is one side of the binding (the short edge on the right-hand side). Here's the back:
I know it looks white in the picture, but the back is actually a baby blue pinstripe. The strip is made up of orphaned blocks that just didn't make the cut for the front. When I was taking pictures, a woman walking a dog stopped to compliment me on it. I actually got a little shy talking about it, which kind of surprised me. Still, I was pleased. I free-motion quilted it, and it's a little larger of a stipple than I typically like-- my machine was getting grumpy from all of the seams. This is the first time I've stippled pieces as small as 2.5" squares covering a decent-sized area. I'll probably take more pictures of this one once it's completely finished (out of the dryer, with all my extra threads snipped) because I love it so much.


  1. I love that rickety rack zig zag border, and how it pulls out the print in the blocks. This looks like it will be a much loved quilt!

  2. Rachael, I Love this quilt! You did a great job. I also love the zig zag border. What a great idea.