Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yay, internet has been restored on Park Ave. just in time for me to show you my newest finish, for my good friend Rebecca. She's moving from Dallas to northern California next month, and I decided she needed a quilt to commemorate the occasion. She's definitely a perfectionist, and I wanted to make sure I did my absolute best work on this one (I know I should be that way about every quilt... but...)This could be called JoAnn, because all of the materials came from there (but the good stuff, of course). I used the same circle template that calls for 7" squares of fabric, but then I put the blocks aside for a while, because they just looked a little too skinny. My original arrangement called for all of the yellow circles to be in a row, and all of the patterned ones in a row. I wasn't feeling good about it, though. After thinking and working on other projects, I added a 3" border around each block, changed the order, and I'm in love. I had two spare blocks-- I was too tired to try and make a fifth row of three-- so I played with them in the back:
It didn't photograph well, but the back is orange with white dots because orange is Rebecca's favorite color. I stippled it in pale yellow thread:
I'm also particularly proud of the binding and my mitred corners! I think this came out so well because I used a lot of pins while basting, and I also consciously chose to quilt one big square before moving on to the next. Those tips are probably obvious to most of you, but they were lessons that took me a silly long time to figure out.
As I type, the Sarah quilt is in the washing machine. I can't wait to get that one sent off!


  1. I went through your blog today looking for this quilt. I LOVE it!! You did a great job! I admire how you can not only start but actually FINISH a project.

  2. Great job.
    Wonderful gift!!!
    Andi :-)

  3. ooh i really like that quilt - great job on the circles! Rebecca will love it! :-D

  4. Beautiful! I love how effective using 2 fabrics can be. She will love this!!

  5. I love it!!
    I haven't tried circles yet... Too scared.
    But did you just applique them on? 'Cause I could totally do that. =-)