Wednesday, June 3, 2009

PTQB-- June

This block is for Michelle. Here's something different for my quiltalongs: a specifically-asked for traditional block. I went to my 2009 Quilting Block-A-Day calendar and found this pattern (twirling pinwheels, I believe). Originally I wanted the off-white in the location where the light blue fabric is, but part of the fun of a quilting bee is working with what's sent. I'm really happy with this-- I took my time to make sure my points match.I hope she likes it!


  1. OMG you're killing me with your promptness! I love that block. I haven't decided what block to make her yet.

  2. This is a great pinwheel block. I had to study it for a second to get how it's put together. very nice!

  3. Cute! You did a great job lining up those points!