Saturday, June 13, 2009

bizzare bundle

There was a lovely rumor circulating among the crafty bloggers that JoAnn Fabrics had some Heather Ross hiding in their fat quarter bundles. Not wanting to miss that opportunity (as nobody in my fairly large city carried HR), I ran over there after work yesterday. Sure enough, I found this:This was the only HR fabric I saw at this particular JoAnn's, and yes, I looked through every single bundle. The one sad thing about buying these at JoAnn's is that all of the selvedges are cut, and Heather Ross has some of the cutest selvedges around. The first three, obviously, are the wonderful Lightning Bugs fabrics. They were hidden behind the black and pint polka dots and the ugliest FQ I've ever bought (which happened to be the front one displayed). Look at this one up close:
I'm not even going to give it the dignity of being ironed-- those are glittery smiling dogs on a neon green background. Yikes. It's even uglier compared to the gorgeous HR fabric. Now I kind of want to do an ugly FQ show of my collection-- ones I've recieved from swaps, or unfortunate impulse purchases.


  1. LOL! For a minute, I wondered if I was losing my eye and glittery dogs on neon fabric was a new trend, a la HR. That's just ugly fabric.

    You should definitely do a post about your fugly fq's. Actually, somebody should do a fugly fabric swap.

  2. Lucky girl! I tried 3 Joanne's in my area and no HR. I did however find Freshcut FQ at Hancocks.

  3. I sort of want to do the ugly FQ show...but I would feel bad if any of those swappers were still reading my blog and saw it...

    Oh yeah - glad you found some goodies!

  4. ooh - I will have to check JoAnn's - thanks for the tip! Although I'm not even sure I would have picked up that bundle with the fug dog fabric on top... The sunglasses, the scarves, the hats, the bows, the creepy smiley faces... Wow, that is craptastic.