Sunday, June 28, 2009

nice rac

OK, SoCal has to be influencing my title, at least a little bit. I thought I wasn't going to blog on vacation, but I have some nice downtime and immediately checked out Flickr, and look at what I saw:

I love both of these blocks. I'm also really pleased with my decision to let them be any size. I know that I've either come up a little short or wanted to make them bigger than what seems to be the standard 12.5" square. These two blocks were made by the lovely and talented Salt Marsh Designs.

On my first day out here, I went to the garment district and bought about 15 yards of fabric. I was overwhelmed in the best possible way, though there wasn't much cotton for quilting. I did buy some crazy Anna Maria-esque floral for some curtains. Pictures to follow!


  1. you're more adventurous than I have been - I've never been to the garment district :) nice work

  2. Nice blocks!
    And please do post pics of your acquisition!

  3. The title made me laugh! Enjoy your vacation!

  4. I love the top one...the ric rac gives it lots of depth...great job!!

  5. Oh it's so fun to play! those flights of fancy fabrics are so great.