Friday, June 5, 2009

the excitement begins

Look what Mary made, just for me:
I think the only fabric she added are the outer lime green polka dots. I love the movement, and after my last block full of triangles, I'm very appreciative of them. I'm unsure how she got that little butterfly to float in the center; I can't wait for it to arrive back at the Sweat Shop. I'm crazy excited to see what everyone else is going to make for me! Mary, thanks so much!


  1. you know exactly how excited I was over your block for me! Wheee!! This is fun!

  2. that is fantastic!! I got the fabric - it is really lovely!

  3. And this is the great fabric you posted must be thrilled to have gotten this! Really pretty.

  4. Thank you, I enjoyed making it even though I had to really put my thinking cap on,everyone in my family loves it to.Its going out on mondays mail.