Saturday, July 4, 2009


I took advantage of a rainy 4th of July and finished quilting this monster:(rare shot of both lhasa apsos)
This was the largest quilt that I've stippled to date, about 65" x 94", and it went fairly well. I decided to add some curlicues in the quilting, just to make it a little more interesting. My cousin's favorite colour happens to be my least favorite: purple. I realized that I really didn't have much-- if any-- purple in my stash and subsequently the quilt, so I bought lavender polka dots for the back:
Here's a close up of the center stripe, which is my favorite part of the quilt:The binding is the same that I used for Maggie. I still need to attach it to the back, for both this quilt and Maggie's. The purple backing and the batting were the only purchases made especially for this, and there are over 150 different fabrics in the top.
This will be living with my cousin Sarah in Michigan. She's the oldest cousin on one side of my family, and after seeing our Grandpa Fred quilt, she wanted one. I was happy to oblige.

I'm happily surprised that this is my 10th finish of 2009. Also, looking back at the other nine, I realized that more often than not, I choose polka dots for the backs. I think I'll consider it a Park Ave. Sweat Shop signature.


  1. Great job on the quilting.
    Andi :-)

  2. You did a lovely job on the top, and I love those curlicues!

  3. Well done on the finish, and congrats on stippling something so big! I'm doing a loopy stipple right now, too, also on my largest-ever quilt (71x91!!). I definitely liked the intentional criss-crossing, made it somehow actually a little easier. Or, at least, it seemed that way.

    Anyways, it looks lovely!

    Liz @ teeny tiny quilts

  4. Great job! It looks like something she will just love curling up under. I love the back! What fabric is the big paisley?

  5. Looks Great! Doesn't it feel good finishing somthing?

  6. Great job on the quilt!! I lovet this quilt. Your cousin is one lucky duck!

  7. For a few seconds, I thought you meant ME Cousin Sarah! I like purple! I live in Michigan!
    Then I remembered I didn't have a Grandpa Fred.
    I love my shirt quilt though, and you!