Monday, October 19, 2009


A six week blogging break was really nice, I won't lie. I have a ton of VQB blocks to catch up on, and I feel really embarrassingly bad about it. But I'll get there.
Meanwhile, a lot of sewing has happened around these parts. I just finished a commissioned quilt using Pashmina, and really, I didn't like this quilt at all until I created the back. Why is it that so many quilters like their pieced backs better than the fronts? Here's the front of the whirlygig quilt:Here's the back:
And here's a close up of the four sisters again, just like Carolyn's quilt:

I've cut into my Heather Ross stash and have finally started on a quilt for ME. More tomorrow!


  1. I think people like the backs because they end up being a 2nd quilt... but yes, nice to have you back in blogland :)

  2. Welcome back! Love the quilt!

  3. I thought I took a long break! You beat me! Glad to have you back. I like both the front and the back.