Saturday, April 25, 2009

spring ruffle top

As soon as I saw this tutorial, I knew I had to make it. I had the fabric in my stash, and followed the pattern exactly, except I didn't add the patch pockets. To me, it would've made it look too much like an apron.
Here's a better shot of the very top:I took this picture myself, awkwardly at midnight. But you can see the cute pleats, and hopefully see the ruffly detail on the straps. The best part about the pattern, in my opinion, are the directions on how to shape the sides-- I took in 1.5" on either side. Otherwise, when I tried it on, it looked a little too much like maternity wear. It's going to be nice out today, so I'm going to wear it! Hopefully I'll get some better daytime pictures of it, too.
Oh-- and my cutting table is finally cleared off! We'll see how long I can make that last.


  1. Ooh yay!!! That is adorable! Thanks for sharing this with me -- I'm so glad it fits well and turned out so great!

  2. girl, you are a machine!i can't believe you made that and cleaned off your cutting table in one night. looks awesome! love the pleated detail.

  3. It looks great! And think you made the right call leaving off the pockets. I like the fabrics you chose for this, too. Wish I still had the figure for clothes! I'd be running off to stitch myself something to wear after the inspiration from reading your post!

  4. Very cute top! good luck on keeping that table cleared!

  5. hello,

    taht is wonderful.
    i love it.

    greatings conny

  6. Great job on the top, and thanks for the link!