Thursday, April 16, 2009

lotus in progress

I don't know why I'm taking my sweet time on this one.This is the quilt top that is currently a square, and after looking at it out in the sunshine, I think I'm going to keep it a square. I'm insanely happy with the way this is turning out, but it's still too small for the person it's going to. I'm going to add some more borders.This was the easiest way for me to use two different fat quarters for the borer. All I did was cut them into 3" wide strips x width of the fat quarter (about 21"). Then, I sewed the strips together, alternating red and blue. When I finished sewing a strip to one side of the quilt, I cut off the extra, and started sewing the next side (like making one round of a log cabin, all the way around the quilt). It's easy to see in the picture; three of my corners came out blue, one came out red (above). Love it!


  1. What a stunner! I like how bold it is, but not in-your-face - the white helps to tone it down, I think. :)

  2. Very nice! lots of different things going on, i love that! woo hoo! keep on sweating, or, I mean, sewing!

  3. Beautiful job. If it's too small for a blanket for the recipient, perhaps it could alternatively be given to them as a large wall hanging. It could make a very dramatic impact on a wall because of the design, colors, and size.