Tuesday, April 21, 2009

spring cleaning

The actual, physical space of the Park Ave. Sweat Shop is in complete disarray, and pretty much has been from moving in two years ago. I'm a messy person, especially a messy creator-- I need to see everything, all at once.  I can't just clean, either. I must have specific instructions.  For example, I can't "clean the family room" but I can get rid of all of the old magazines, or water the plants, or clear off the coffee table.  That's why this sewing room-specific list is perfect for me.  I definitely need to follow this.  I love that there are plenty of commandments that start with the word "sew".  Won't you join me in checking these off?  What will you tackle first?  Inspire me!


  1. Ummm, since I can't even see my cutting mat, I should probably do step 1. Good luck with your Spring cleaning!

  2. When I moved into my current residence back in August, I had such plans and resolutions to be free from all the clutter! But things just keep coming up, so it's a work in progress. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I remind myself of that. I do try to at least keep my sewing room and supplies organized. But the rest of my home needs help!