Monday, April 6, 2009

a hug and a kiss

As I mentioned in my previous post, I dislike needle-turn applique. I do, however, like spending time with my husband, especially crafty-productive time while watching TV. Look what I just bought from EmilyPeacockTapestry, via Etsy:This will be the perfect couch project (and yes, I splurged for both pillow patterns). These will look divine in the sweatshop. I really hope the pattern is clear, and that I can find all of the right DMC thread colors-- I think these are just about perfect and I really don't want to change anything. I can't wait!

In quilting bee news, I got the best mail ever: no bills, no junk, just envelopes full of fabric goodness from Stephanie and Erin!


  1. I love the lettering and the colors in these. Do post a picture of yours while in progress and when finished!

  2. I too like to sit on the couch with the husband and do busy work with my hands. These pillows look like fun.