Monday, February 16, 2009

yellow Monday

This week, I'll post a picture a day of yellow things that are around my house. Erin is the hostess of yellow week. I think the point of this is to take it all in, and to notice things that I'd otherwise miss. As I've mentioned before, photography isn't my strongest skill. With that caveat, here's my picture for yellow Monday:I use my mom's old tomato pincushion every day. There's something delightfully old skool about a tomato (that, and it's my very favorite food). I'm in love with these long yellow quilting pins. Someday I"ll invest in the glass headed ones, as I have a bad tendency to melt the tops with my iron. These are size 30-- it seems that most quilting pins are a size 28. I'm unsure if that means that mine are longer, or thicker, or what. I just know that I like these.

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