Wednesday, February 11, 2009

in progress

This is the Max L. quilt in the process of being quilted. It turned out to be quite a big larger than I expected, since I added 2.5" strips of khaki fabric between rows. Then, realizing it was a lot longer than it was wide, and Max L. simply isn't very tall, I added a 5" border all the way around. I used a cheater print that I got on super sale. (It's the black colourway)

Meanwhile, Mom got the package I sent containing her purses, the make-up bag, and a matching tissue holder. She adored all of it, which made me very, very happy. Being the master seamstress she is, she only gave me one good recommendation: to use some stiff interfacing to make sure the handles don't wrinkle. Good advice, as always. She also said it'd be an easy pattern to modify by adding welting of the liner fabric where all those seams are. I responded with, "Yeah, that'd look nice... but it'd be much more tricky!" I really think she's getting a kick out of me finally sewing, after years of watching her stay up all night in HER sewing room, rolling my eyes and not getting it. Creating makes me feel both closer and further away from my mom. I guess it's the curse of being a Jewish daughter-- finally appreciating my mom, now that I'm grown up and married and living 1,000 miles away from her.

So I don't end on a sappy note, here's a picture of a happy purse I made for myself:
The background is my Marimekko shower curtain. This is a pretty good canvas-- you may be seeing it a lot!

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