Monday, July 6, 2009

annoying technical difficulties

I guess all technical difficulties are annoying, but as I mentioned in my last post, the 4th was rainy.  It apparently zapped our cable modem, because I'm officially unable to get online at home (I'm posting this from my local library).  The technician will be out Wednesday.  My first thought was, "But I have a giveaway!!"  I'll leave it open until tonight at midnight, EST, and will pick a winner first thing tomorrow morning.  

I have a lot to show, too-- doesn't that always happen?  I finished the binding on the Maggie and Sarah quilts, and am nearly finished with the quilting on the secret quilt, which will soon be named Rebecca.  I say "nearly finished" because I ran out of yellow thread when I was doing the densest stipple ever.  Who runs out of thread?  I couldn't believe it.  Here's what I'm using for the binding (Alexander Henry Bangle Dot):
ALEXANDER HENRY "BANGLE DOT" Turquoise fabric by yard
After celery Swiss dots for the last two big quilts, I can't wait to look at something else!
Don't forget, the giveaway ends tonight!


  1. Don't feel bad! My mom has been without her main sewing machine for 3 weeks, and the part they need to fix it is still on backorder. Can you imagine?

    Hope you get your cable/modem straightened out!

  2. Boo to the zapped modem! Can't wait to see the secret quilt.