Monday, July 20, 2009

a lack of confidence

I spent 2.5 hours in a quilt shop yesterday.
Normally, I'm in and out in about 30 minutes-- I make decisions pretty quickly. But yesterday, I needed to pick out fabric for the Carolyn quilt. I decided on an easy pinwheel pattern from Material Obsession called Cowboy Baby. Since the quilt in the book was tiny, about 40" x 48", and I have limited time, I decided to make my blocks twice as large (you know how I love the big blocks).
But I had the hardest time picking out the fabric. My eyes always go immediately towards stripes, dots, brights, solids and contemporary prints. I knew that those wouldn't do for a lodge-inspired quilt living in the Adirondacks. This is probably the first time ever that I've been continuously second-guessing my choices. I had a lot of help from the women at the shop, which was great (though one thought I was nuts for not putting dark binding on every quilt I make, but that's another story).
Since the quilt is surrounded by a large border, I had help picking out the print used as the border in this pattern as my inspiration.

I haven't bought the border yet because I want to cut it parallel to the selvedge as opposed to the way it's shown in the picture, and I need to know the length first. It's actually pretty cute, with half moons and red flowers on a dark blue background. Most of the fabric I picked for the middle of the quilt is from the same line, American Primer:
I'm not in love with this, though I did like it much more next to the border. Maybe I just need to wait and see.


  1. haha, I was looking @ that book yesterday, and was thinking about that pinwheel quilt! I like where you're going with this one - the colors look fine to me. No matter what, it will be appreciated. ;)

  2. The quilt looks great. I'm sure once you add the border it'll be spectacular, your quilts always are. I love Material Obsession. I wish the 2nd book was available in the U.S.

  3. Are those inset seams? You are a brave woman!

  4. The quilt looks fine. I'm sure the border will add the perfect finishing touch. It's good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while, helps get those creative juices flowing!

  5. Pinwheels are among my favorite blocks. I love the fabrics and the work you've done here. Wonderful!