Thursday, July 9, 2009

a nun and her quilts

from "Sisters Face Death with Dignity and Reserve" by Jane Gross, New York Times 7/8/09: 

There were goodbyes and decisions about giving away her quilting supplies and the jigsaw puzzle collection that inspired the patterns of her one-of-a-kind pieces. She consoled her biological sister, who pleaded with her to do whatever it took to stay alive.

Even as her prognosis gradually improved from hours to weeks and even months, Sister Dorothy's goal was not immortality; it was getting back to quilting, as she has. She spread her latest on her bed: Autumnal sunflowers. "I'm not afraid of death," she said. "Even when I was dying, I wasn't afraid of it. You just get a feeling within yourself at a certain point. You know when to let it be."

I read the New York Times daily, and found this mention of how an elderly woman near death is still concerned about her quilts and quilting pretty touching.  Not to get too sappy or deep, but I like to see when and how creating and sewing provides an outlet.

Thanks also for all of your love on the Rebecca quilt.  I'm glad I get to hold on to it a little longer, as she doesn't need one more thing to pack!


  1. I saw this headline this morning, but didn't read the article. Thanks. I'll go back and read it.

  2. Thanks for sharing this inspirational story!