Sunday, May 10, 2009

sewing for moms

Happy Mother's Day, if applicable. I'll be visiting my mom in a couple of weeks (she lives 1000 miles away), but tonight I'll have dinner with my in-laws. Of course, that means sewing something for my mother-in-law. Here's what I made:It's a variation on the Buttercup Bag, which uses a single fat quarter for the outside, and a second one for the lining. I decided to make it bigger, but since I still only had a fat quarter of the Good Folks, I compromised and made the strap pink (like the lining). I also added jumbo ricrac, which is probably my favorite part, and some striped pockets inside. I hope she likes it! I'll probably make something similar for my mom, too-- and I'm glad I have a couple more weeks to do so!


  1. I'll bet your Mother-In-Law will love the bag! How thoughtful of you! Isn't it great to be able to make gifts for other people? I just gave my Mom a bag, which she loves!

  2. Love that bag. Great choice of fabrics. I'm going to have to try that pattern.

  3. What a good daughter in law you are! I really like the bag. No woman can ever have enough purses. The wide pink straps are nice won't cut into the shoulder. Have a wonderful day!