Thursday, May 28, 2009

AQB2-- June

OK, you guys didn't play along trying to guess what local fabric designer inspired my June fabric choices.  Since the envelopes are in the mail as of today, I'd figure I'd tell you: Paula Prass, Flights of Fancy.  She lives in the suburb where I grew up, about 10 minutes away from the Sweat Shop, but I haven't yet met her.  This is a particular favorite that I've included: 
AND, because I'm extra tricky, I've included some jumbo ric rac to include in the blocks.  I'm super excited to see what these talented ladies will make me!

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  1. Fun times - at least if I screw up, I have some extra Flights of Fancy in my stash to make up the difference, lol! So what do you want from us, or does anything go?

  2. Yay! I've wanted to see what this line looks like in person. None of my LQS carry it. I love ric rac! What are we making?

  3. Love those polka dots and butterflies!

  4. I LOVE that line! I'm so excited...I have ideas already. Dangerous things, ideas are...

  5. i got the lovely fabric in the mail and am so excited to get the block going. but you did get me stumped on the ric rack...
    i am thinking about that one!!