Friday, May 15, 2009

PTQB-- May

Here's Colleen's block:I had been giving myself gold stars for getting these quilting bee blocks together pretty quickly-- but then this one came along. Colleen sent beautiful fabric, and asked that we not add any of our own... and I came up embarrassingly short. Luckily, she was nice enough to send me some extra and I made a block I'm proud of.
This fabric reminded me of vacationing in Greece, and old-skool airlines. The squares within the green in the center remind me of windows on a plane, as do the large stripes and symmetry of it. I hope Colleen likes it!

Also, here are pictures of my wrap dress from "Chic and Simple Sewing". The front:The back:
Seersucker is hard to photograph. Also, ignore the wrinkles. Looking at the pictures, I'm afraid it looks a little like a hospital gown... does it? I will say I'm in love with the circle skirt, and you know I love anything that involves a bow and the waist. I'm going to make a matching blue and white one, too.


  1. I'm far behind on my PTQB blocks - May not at all done yet. So I hope I have enough fabric!

    I like the dress - it's not hospital gown, more candy striper ;)

  2. Great block! I'm also behind on my blocks. I'm usually done by now. Love the dress on you.

  3. I do like the wrap dress. Now I may be a little biased after hearing your review about the book, but thought the dress you made in the Neptune fabric was even nicer, though! But I may be biased, now! (laughing)

    That quilt really does make me think of the airlines, back in the day. I don't know why. Love the feel of this quilt.

  4. The block looks great!! My quilt is going to be so pretty - everyones blocks are amazing.