Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In the rush to get everything ready before my glorious six days away, crafting fell by the wayside. Therefor, I renege on my previous goal of getting my bee fabric out early, and showing you cute pictures of the matching blue and white seersucker dress (it hasn't been made yet). I will, however, show you the cutest pair of pants I got at Anthropologie on supersale ($19.99!)

I will be at the beach with no internet access. I'm very excited for Memorial Day, and the excuse to wear cotton and white again. Leave me lots of comments to let me know I'm missed!


  1. Have a great time!!!!!

    P.S. The pants= cute!!!!

  2. ditto on the pants - very cute, and for that price.... :) have fun @ the beach

  3. You have yourself a safe, great time!