Sunday, May 3, 2009

neptune dress

Grr, my camera battery died just as I was about to take pictures of my latest dress. I made a Marilyn-Monroe style cotton halter sundress out of this fabric:With the pocket lining, halter tie, and big tie belt with a bow at the waist out of this:I'm having a bit of a problem getting it to fit under the arms (what else is new?) but I think I might be able to fix that with some elastic in the back. It's really cute-- take my word for now, and I'll take pictures later.
I wish more fabric designers had a sense of humour like Tula Pink. I had to tell my husband that there are turtles and fish in the fabric.
I also made a zillion more nine-patches for Amanda Jean's nine-patch quilt-a-long. I'm set for the next month.


  1. Love those fabrics!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. I can't to see pictures of your dress. I love halter sundresses. What pattern did you use?

  3. Get those batteries replaced, so you can post a pic! I bet it's beautiful. I love the fabrics you chose. I love that whole "neptune" line.