Thursday, March 12, 2009

March spiderwebs

Stephanie had March for both quilting bees. Here are her blocks, first for Another Quilting Bee 2:And here's the alphabet block for Pieced Together:This picture was taken before I did the cute embroidery, and unfortunately, it's already in the mail. Imagine a cute brown violin with pink accents, and a green V. I hope she likes them!

Also, here's Sara's block for Pieced Together:
Spiderwebs are such a great block for a bee, because they are pretty fool proof and won't stand out individually once you have a whole top pieced. Since I've already made two, and it's just March, I know that I won't be doing these for my month. I think people might be a little burned out by then. I think this could be a cool block if the kites were patterned, and the wings were solid (basically, opposite what's in the pictures).

For some sad news, the Flea Market Fancy was sold out. No Denyse Schmidt for me. Boo.

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  1. I love the Spiderweb blocks with the 1930's prints. You have made so many lovely quilts.