Saturday, August 1, 2009

ripping seams

Oy vey, I can't wait for this quilt to leave the Sweat Shop.
I've spent about 3 hours stippling the quilt, and have broken 4 needles. I re-threaded the machine, changed the bobbin, got all the dust out, and took a break. The front looks fine, but the back has tension problems.
Also, I did too good of a job picking out the green thread: it blends in exactly with the front of the quilt, so I can't see where I'm going. Here's a horrible picture of some of the worst quilting I've ever done:

So, I'm ripping out all of the quilting, and I'm going to quilt it in straight lines. I'm putting this on here to show myself that I can remedy this problem. Wish me luck, it's going to be a long, thread-covered day.


  1. I'm so sorry...
    look at the bright side:
    Now you can call yourself a Professional Seam Ripper - LIKE ME!!! =-P
    (If you can't laugh about it, you'll go crazy.)

  2. Luck.. This to will pass. If its any comfort, my sister just ripped a queen size quilt out, then had to buy new backing because she measured the back wrong on a customer's quilt. So your not alone.