Tuesday, August 18, 2009

phoebe bag

I haven't made a bag in quite a while, and I really needed a new one. I dug into some of my IKEA stash, and followed Rebeka's instructions for her easy Phoebe Bag:
(Butch is the best purse model ever)
Honestly, the hardest part was turning the flap right-side out, and sewing around that curve. My usual critique with handbag patterns is that the strap tends to be too short and out of proportion with the rest of the bag, but that's not the case here. The only hardware needed was a magnetic snap, which I already happened to have. I love this purse. I think it'll be one of my go-to patterns for holiday gifts this year (real life friends, forget this immediately).
The fabric for both the lining and the outside is home-dec weight, so I decided to skip any interfacing. It holds the shape really well, and it feels sturdy. The inside is a green, white and yellow IKEA print I got on clearance.It's very hard to photograph the inside of a purse! That bit of pink on the inside is the pocket I added. It's a keeper, for sure.


  1. I LOVE your lil purse model...Butch, huh? Kind of an oxymoron when he's purse modeling! Anyway, the purse looks good ;)

  2. Nice purse, (and model)! I love the fabric you chose for the outside of the bag.

  3. Cute! Perfect size for your wallet, keys and phone.

  4. I am seriously impressed you can get your dog to model! Mine hates sitting for a picture. Jealous!